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Fake Bake 60 minutesI have always been a fan of Fake Bake products, and there’s always at least one or two of their fabulous little magical cans or bottles present in my bathroom, ready to be sprayed or rubbed over my lily white limbs, in order to transform me into a golden goddess at the drop of a hat!   However, recently I just didn’t have time to apply any tanning products the night before – or even the morning of my holiday, time was just too tight and I found myself panicking at the thought of travelling to Thailand with no colour whatsoever.  It was all just too much.  If you’re a busy mum like me, trying to juggle kids/work/holiday plans, and then factor in leaving our house in the hands of a team of builders I’m sure you know what I’m talking about….  I also needed to add some sleep to the equation and something had to give.   Whilst on a last minute shopping trip to buy any further and last minute sun creams, medicines and other gubbins required to ensure our trip away would hopefully run in a fool-proof manner, I walked past a display of Fake Bake products.  Knowing that I needed to top up my supply of the trusty faithful Airbrush Instant I stopped to browse and saw the 60 minute bottle.  It seemed that it could be the answer, but I was also a little in anticipation of how it would turn out, as being a creature of habit I am so used to my beloved tried and tested products.   Feeling a little reckless and tight on time, I was drawn in by the speed that this product might work and decided to give it a go.  (After all, if it didn’t work I could always just go and buy some Airbrush at the airport – right?!)

The next morning after depositing the children for their last morning of school, I showered and applied the new tan, I knew I had just 3 hours before we had to leave the house and so the colour could develop whilst I packed.  On opening the box I was very pleased to see that as well as gloves, there is also a tanning mit provided for application.  So following the instructions very carefully I began to bronze myself!  All I can say is – what a great new product!  I am so glad that I discovered it!  There will always be a place for my tried and trusted Airbrush, but this 60 minute tan is a revolution in a bottle for the tanorexic woman that I am and always will be.  I decided to leave the product on for 2 hours to deepen the colour and sure enough, after showering I was ready to go on holiday and be in my bikini or shorts or whatever outfit that displayed my skin “en mass” as it really was a beautiful shade of bronze that made me smile 🙂

What was even better was that the product packed up nicely in my case and kept my colour topped up throughout our trip away.  In addition to that, as it is so blooming quick I had the opportunity to do this when a top up was required, AND with no mess!  What’s more, 60 Minutes lasts for ages, not just on your skin, I still have lots left in the bottle even after 3 weeks away and a few applications since returning home to Blighty!

Thank you Fake Bake for giving me another amazing tanning product, I don’t have the time or the inclination to sit in the sun theseLips days due to kids etc…   I also don’t really want to subject myself to the rays as I did at one time and so your Faking Baking sprays and creams are just it for me!   Big Kiss to you and your team for the sterling effort in keeping the nation bronzed and beautiful xox

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