Get Ready for Fathers Day – Sunday June 15th, Craft With The Kids!


This DAD Photo Frame is a perfect gift for kids to make for their Dads on Father’s Day.

You will need:

A5 card (we used A4 and cut in half) Stickers and any other embellishments that you have Glue 3 Photographs

DAD Photo Frame


Draw two D’s and an A shape onto the card, and cut out. Use a small pair of  scissors to cut out the inside of the letters, too (younger children will need  adult help or supervision).

Decorate your letters. We simply used stickers but you can use gems, ribbons,  sequins, pompoms or anything else from your craft box.

Glue a photo to the back of each letter so that it fills the aperture. Trim  any overhanging bits of photo away.

Layer the letters so they overlap slightly, spelling out the word “Dad”, and  glue together.

You could laminate the photo frame to make it last, or enclose the whole  thing within a larger Perspex frame.

Dad photo frame detail


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