Beauty Product’s we love – Garnier Summerbody Gradual Tan

GarnierNow it has to be said, not all tanning products were created equal – and the same goes for skin.  Some people are blessed with a natural bronze complexion, whilst  rather  unfairly  I am definitely more of an English Rose, verging on blue when scrubbed bare, and destined for a life of “self tanning!”   As soon as there’s a hint of sunshine or the thought of a night out,  I’m searching for a bronzing product that will work, and work well. 

We can all spend fortunes on products, and this is all well and good if they produce results, however after years of spending an unearthly amount of money on cosmetics, lotions and potions, I now realise that I know what works and what is worth the extra cash (and what is not!)

Garnier’s Summerbody Gradual Tan  is one of those “mid-priced” beauties that should not be ignored, in fact I would highly recommend that you buy it.  I buy the darker one and find that within a couple of days of application, I am bronzed and receiving comments about my tan.  And what’s really good is that I don’t have to concentrate hugely with the application, which can be such a perilous thought to many with a tanning mission or dilemma 😉

“But my hands and face are still white!” I hear you say.  Well, a little tip here is to buy the Garnier Ambre Solaire OriginalGarnier face mist No Streaks Bronzer Self Tanning Dry Face Mist, again I buy the darker one (this is probably because I have been tanorexic for way too long, choose which shade suits you best) and after you have applied the Summerbody Gradual Tan, spray your hands and face with this and allow to dry for a little while before makeup or hand washing.

Recently I was with a friend of mine who commented my tan, she said she couldn’t use self tan creams as they made her itchy, which was really annoying as she felt she had to live in a maxi dress all summer.   On hearing that I filled up a travel bottle with the “magic” Garnier Summerbody and she loves it!  Hopefully the sun will come back soon and you can try too.

Summerbody Gradual Tan retails from about £4, depending on size of bottle.  Dry Face Mist, around £6+. 


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